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Special Sh!t


Special Sh!t

Santa Fe Furniture & Gifts has your favorite seasoning in stock. 

All Purpose Seasoning
Special Sh!t All Purpose Seasoning is a savory addition to any food! Made from a combination of flavorful spices that are delicately blended to produce a gourmet seasoning unlike any other.

Chicken Sh!t
Poultry Seasoning
We’ve got something to crow about! Chicken Sh!t is the seasoning designed especially for chicken!

Bull Sh!t
Steak Seasoning
Bull Sh!t is the finest steak seasoning to ever grace a pantry. But just wait until you see how Bull Sh!t brings out the tender goodness of T-bones, NY Strips, filets, flatirons and sirloins.

Good Sh!t
Sweet n’ Salty Seasoning
Taste the sweet difference! Good Sh!t Sweet n’ Salty Seasoning is a specially blended formula designed to bring sweetness to the palate like no other seasoning does.

No Sh!t
Salt Free Seasoning
No Sh!t was developed as an all-purpose seasoning to enhance the flavor of beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, and eggs. Who could have imagined that a product without sodium could taste this good?

Aw Sh!t
Hot n’ Spicy Seasoning
Aw Sh!t Hot n’ Spicy Seasoning is specially blended for those who want to put a little zip in their sauce.