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Living Room Collection


Living rooms should be a place for gathering with family and relaxing, which is why it’s important for your living room to reflect the exact décor you want and include comfortable furniture perfect for lounging with a book or watching the game with family and friends. Finding quality furniture that matches your rustic décor isn’t always easy. Finding a piece of leather furniture or a reclaimed wood coffee table that looks rustic but is in fact a high-quality piece is likely your primary goal.

At Santa Fe Furniture & Gift that’s exactly what we specialize in providing. If you have something specific in mind but don’t see it anywhere, chances are our expert craftsmen can custom craft it to your exacting specifications. We also carry: 

  • Metal Art
  • Mirrors 
  • Wall Art 

Catnapper Reclining Furniture is MADE IN THE USA and we are proud to feature there products at Sofas and Sectionals. With a commitment to build quality American Made furniture for you and your family. 

  • Bradshaw Mink Sectional Catnapper
    Bradshaw Mink Sectional Catnapper
  • Portman Saddle Catnapper
    Portman Saddle Catnapper
  • Bergamo Catnapper
    Bergamo Catnapper
  • Horton Sunset Catnapper
    Horton Sunset Catnapper
  • Kepley Walnut Catnapper
    Kepley Walnut Catnapper
  • Daly Cranapple Catnapper
    Daly Cranapple Catnapper
  • Wingback Chair
    Wingback Chair
  • Bustleback Recliner
    Bustleback Recliner
  • Calico Chaise
    Calico Chaise
  • Monterey Chaise
    Monterey Chaise
  • Highlander Sectional
    Highlander Sectional
  • Arizona Sofa
    Arizona Sofa
  • Jefferson Sofa
    Jefferson Sofa