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Bath Collection


Redecorating or moving into a new home, be sure to check out our excellent selection of bed and bath products! Available in a wide range of styles designed to match your home décor. Our bath towels, bedding sets, and fixtures are sure to complement your own personal tastes. Shop our western selection of bed and bath products today - there's never been a better time to shop at Santa Fe for your home!

  • Robust Stars
    Robust Stars With Turquoise - Starting at $34.99
  • Western - Chocolate
    Western: Chocolate With Black Barbed Wire - Starting at $34.99
  • Western - Red
    Western: Red With Black Barbed Wire - Starting at $34.99
  • BL1763-TT-OC
    Clearwater Pines With Chocolate - Starting at $39.99
  • Serape Striped Edges
    Serape Striped Edges: Crossed Arrows- Starting at $39.99
  • Saguaro Cactus
    Saguaro Cactus: Striped Edges - Starting at $39.99
  • Open Plains & Barbed Wire
    Chocolate Barbed Wire With Fences - Starting at $39.99
  • Wyatt Collection - Cream/Tam
    Wyatt Collection: Cream/Tan Longhorn - Starting at $39.99
  • Wyatt Collection
    Wyatt Collection: Turquoise With Chocolate Corner - Starting at $39.99
  • Cactus Lifesytle
    Cactus Lifestyle - Bath Starting at: $99.99
  • Copper Taffeta-Style W/Turq
    Copper Taffeta-Style W/Turq - Bath Starting at: $99.99
  • Austin: Paisley Patterns
    Austin: Paisley Patterns - Bath Starting at: $99.99
  • Turquoise Cross Suede & Leather
    Turquoise Cross: Suede & Leather - Bath Starting at: $99.99
  • The San Angelo
    The San Angelo: Bright Paisley - Bath Starting at: $99.99
  • Horseshoe Basket Rainbow
    Horseshoe Basket Rainbow  - Bath Starting at: $49.99
  • Multi Star Basket Rainbow
    Multi Star Basket Rainbow  - Bath Starting at: $39.99